March 1, 2016

Whoa.  A blog.  Perhaps, like the rest of you, a blog is something I have always fantasized of starting. Not in that passionate, I-have-something-to-say-that-is-going-to-change-the-world kind of way or the bring-on-the-book-deals way, or even in the look-at-all-the-fun-creative-recipes-crafts-school-projects-and-perfect-little-ideas-I-come-up-with-for-you-to-pin-on-Pinterest-in-an-homage-to-my-grand-life-and-aren’t-you-so-jealous-of-me kind of way.  Nope, it’s not the fame or the fortune, it’s the lifestyle that I imagine.  Like a summer rom-com starring, me, a dog, and my trusty Moleskine notebooks and Papermate Profile pens.  Yep, just me, a hot cup of coffee, sunlight blocked out by a local cafe’s sun-brella, and a large golden retriever lapping water from the thoughtful bowl placed by the college age workers inside…cut to reality.

I am currently sitting in a room with three other teachers, wracking our brains and sharing our finds that may set us on a path to start and maintain a blog.  We’re searching for photos, swapping resources, and putting out attempts at humor for validation and acceptance.  To be honest, this is more like it.  We could be sitting on our own in some form of suburban living room feeling like faceless, pointless entities in an overcrowded, loud, bustling new world of blogging.  Or shaking our heads that the district would ask us to participate in a professional development that would help us become better writers.  “Why don’t they spend that time on something else?”  That’s the kind of snapshots of life that I enjoy most.  Sure, I would love to have life be filled with sky dives, coral reef snorkeling, and night life in exotic cities.  But here we are: of varying backgrounds, experiences, and outlooks, sharing the pictures of places we visited, ideas we’d love to see come to fruition and the stories we hope to tell.  That’s my kind of slice of life.



15 thoughts on “March 1, 2016

  1. I’m definitely borrowing the golden retriever for all of my author daydreams from here on out.

    I think it’s great your district is encouraging you to do this. I JUST found out about it yesterday, and am sharing at a dept. meeting tomorrow, and I feel kind of bad that my colleagues (if they choose to participate) will be starting late.


  2. Woah.

    This. Is. Amazing.

    First of all, how have you been keeping this secret talent as a writer hidden?? And, second of all, this blog post is so honest – I love it. I can’t wait to read your stories this month. Can’t wait.


  3. Let me say, you have nailed the humor part. Love the hyphenated string of words! So your district is asking you to participate? From my point of view, that’s awesome! This is the best writing learning you will ever do. So I will be looking for future slices full of wit.


  4. Love your byline and the reality pic you provided us. You had me going with the dog, the,Moleskins, the sun-brella and Papermate Profile pens (my favorite for writing). Can’t wait for the stories you’ll share this month. Welcome to SOL!


  5. Sounds like fun! Welcome to blogging and to the Slice of Life Challenge! I enjoyed your post. I went to the Kenyon Writer’s Workshop for Teachers last summer, and it was such a great experience. I’ve been trying to write more since then.


  6. Well, sounds like you are living a real life! If you post a recipe now and then this month, I’m sure nobody will hold it against you. 😉 PS: Are you being given time out of class to work on this, or did I misunderstand that?


    1. We were working on it after school. Our district is holding it as a professional development opportunity. We gain continuing education credits but its really a nice way to become a better writer!


  7. And now that you’ve begun, what will be next? Welcome to the slicing community, fun & informative, poignant & small pieces of life, sometimes school too. Are all of you doing the same blog, or each doing a separate one? Enjoy!


  8. David, welcome to the March Slice of Life Challenge. What immediately stood out to me is the way you express your anti-self in a look-at-me-with-my-hyphens-sort-of-way. I want to try a little hyphen like that in my life. I love that today you had real teacher bloggers sitting in the room with you as you begin your venture. Powerful images, powerful voice, and powerful collaboration–I can’t wait to see where this blogging venture takes you.


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