March 4, 2016 -Guilty Pleasure Newly Found

What are you doing here?  I thought I told you we were through.  That was decades ago!  No, I haven’t told anyone about you.  It’s in the past.  Ugh, darn it!  I wasn’t proud of the hold and effect you had on me back then and I am most definitely, certainly, unequivocally, very emphatically not proud of the way you can sway me now.  I will not come back to you…NO!  Stop doing that.  I know what you’re doing, that little tongue-in-cheek moment where you bring-up-a-joke-we-always-to-laugh-at-when-we-were…last….together.  Mmmmm, how…..rude….

NO!  I won’t. I’ve moved on, grown up, changed.  I have more mature tastes, proper ones.  I’m not going to fall for some dyed hair, new clothes, and pouty lips!   No, do not put on that song!  You know how it makes me feel!  Ahhh! How dare you!  How dare you walk back into my life and just hijack all I have worked to build for myself.  I have a career and children and mature tastes in entertainment…I watch HBO documentaries, sweetheart!    I cannot…nay, will not give them up for you. What?  Oh… heh……….heh, yeah I remember that time.  Stop, its not going to-okay, just a few minutes, but then I have to…c’mon I said don’t play that song…stop, I just, ohhhhh




Yes! You were right.  I’m sorry. So sorry.  How could I forget you and all we’ve been through?  I love you.  I love you, Fuller House.  And I am not ashamed to admit it.  I love you wholeheartedly, unabashedly and…oh, hello reader.  Sorry about that moment.  It won’t happen again.  No, I can’t post later….I’ll be, ummm,washing my lunch bag…yeah, you know, hmmph, spilled some darn guacamole in there and now it reeks….Noooo… go on ahead, read some of your friends’ blogs.  It might take me a while…How long?  Oh, ummm, 27 minutes…give or take?

And cue the violins….



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