March7, 2017 – What’s in a song?

Sometimes in my life a song has blindsided like a clear door to an unsuspecting face, or a forgotten chair as you back up. It usually occurs in my car.  I tire of my current playlist or pursuit of the mythical “just right” tune, when, bam it hits me.  It’s usually an instrumental or has a heavy dose of a string quartet amidst the electronic reverberations of guitars, drums and keyboards. But it’s amazing how a song can reach up and grab you unexpectedly.  If you had listened to it a day or even an hour earlier you might not have noticed it. But here you are. A suddenly onslaught of joy, remorse, the need to dance or the need to sing, you are completely removed from where you were. In my humble opinion this is the residence of the divine. 

That and a really good pizza.


4 thoughts on “March7, 2017 – What’s in a song?

  1. Love the bits about the clear door and the unsuspecting chair. How do you think of that stuff? Such great word choice and such poetic writing.

    Of course, you had to include an amazing ending as well.

    I’m starting to hate you.

    Just kidding.

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  2. Your blog title would be funny if it weren’t so true! Writing is a pursuit of seeking joy… So true. I could feel every bit of emotion in that moment. The song wrapping itself around you. Then the transportation of the mind… Beautiful. I’m living for that moment to happen again to me and when it does I’ll shout! then write about it. 🎶


  3. This line: I tire of my current playlist or pursuit of the mythical “just right” tune, when, bam it hits me. resonates with me…I am always on the lookout for a good song, often it’s the words for me. I also loved the first line with the unsuspecting chair.


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