March 24, 2016 -The Grocery Store

Shopping in a grocery store is such a banal experience.  Shuffling along, looking at rows and rows of well- (and not-so-well) designed packaging begging for you to pick it up, place it in your cart and merrily move along to the next choice.  Oh, once in while you might have the thrill of a sale or being the oh-so-clever-one-who-knows-about-unit-price-but-also-has-this-amazing-coupon-slash-points-deal-that-actually-makes-the-store-pay-you-to-buy-organic-fruit-cake!  Yeah, grocery shopping is not a thrilling excursion.

But….do you remember those times awhile ago? When you were younger and with friends?  When you danced in the aisle or fenced with French bread?  When reading ingredients was like performing a comedy and the people around you gawked at your ability to actually enjoy the process of purchasing food? Maybe you don’t…maybe you have never had fun while purchasing your weekly list. But stay with me here… and imagine, just for a bit, trust me and imagine, a grocery store like that, where we enjoy our time, where we are silly and whimsical. An experience in which we strike up conversation and don’t hustle and bustle our way in and out, wracking our brains on unit prices and calories. One in which we share our deals, our recipes, our hopes for next week and memories of the last.

Go shopping with a close friend. Share your lives and your thoughts, laugh at the melons, sing with stalks of broccoli, and dance to the dull muzak. Find a food that you’ve never tried and buy it.  Strike up a conversation with the elderly gentleman who’s basket contains a small jar of peanut butter and three cans of tuna.  What a glorious place to engage in humanity!

“Did you find everything you were looking for?” asks the cashier.

“No, I found more than I was looking for…”


7 thoughts on “March 24, 2016 -The Grocery Store

  1. A call to action! I’m smiling as I write this and imagining myself “singing with stalks of broccoli.” I love striking up conversations with people when I’m out and about running errands. I hadn’t considered the french bread foils or dancing down the aisles with the muzak, but I might just add those to my repertoire. Your ending two lines are perfect! Thanks for a reminder to slow down and enjoy everyday experiences.

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  2. I can’t believe you wrote this today. I was in Jewel (blah) with my daughters today shopping for our regular groceries and Easter dinner (blah again). Twice, we broke out into song – all three of us together. Honestly, I was embarrassed but no one seemed to mind. It WAS fun. 🙂

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  3. My husband and I joke that our only regular dates now are shopping together at the grocery store. We went yesterday, and the store was packed for Friday at noon. We occasionally see someone we know, but usually are left to our own devices–but yesterday was an exception. No fewer than four strangers asked me for help, either to find an aisle, get something from high up, answer a question about the lettuce we have here in Texas. Maybe my purple hair made me approachable? Dunno.

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