March 25, 2016 – Squirrel Stare Down

It’s a beautiful Spring day, here in the Midwest…a day of bike rides and long sleeve college shirts. A day that reminds you of the bliss to come and beckons you to throw open the windows and doors to let the mildly brisk breeze blow the dust of a weary winter off the shelves…
…which is just what I was doing right before I saw a squirrel spastically crossing my lawn to the tree. It the proceeded across the branches, raising its pointed face and arching its spine and then made a repeated sound that I can only best describe as clucking…
Then…eventually it made its way to the corner of my roof where it stayed…and stared. It stated right at me…every so often it would cock its head to the side and give me the ol’ stink eye out of the single shiny bead of an eye.
It was an epic stare-down. At moments I was scared, thoughts of a squirrel flying from my roof on to my face like a scene from a Chris Farely film flittered through my mind. At other times I felt at one with the squirrel’s sputtering spring-induced mind. That limitless meandering of possibility that spring brings: a walk, deep cleaning, a car ride with the windows down…how can anyone stay still? That was what the squirrel was saying, right? Get out there! Why are you standing here? As it raised its head again and its spine gathered the rest of its body into a ball, it once again clucked, staring straight at me…go, go, go

Or maybe it’s just a squirrel that was freaked by the large creature staring at it.


One thought on “March 25, 2016 – Squirrel Stare Down

  1. I have a deep dislike for squirrels, ever since one resided in our house for five days while we were out of the country…and I had let the rodent in without realizing it. Thanks for sharing your squirrel story; I’m about to go out in that spring sunshine myself!

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