March 26, 2016 – Waiting

Light filters in through the fat slats of a window blind, spreading a faint binary pattern of light and shadow that tickles the corner of your eye. Thoughts flitting through your mind of an unspoken space that you can’t quite fill but is a comfort for the fact that it is there. A task to be done, a spot to be tidied, a friend missed, or a song to find.
Where is he? When will he get here? An eight-to-twelve window holding you hostage to the confines of a four-by-four plot of land and a cell phone with a full charge. Time tics as you tick small tasks off a to-so list that only scratches the surface. Waiting. Making phone calls and thinking how great it would be to take a walk, a ride, even run an errand at the hardware store.
But instead I’m imprisoned by an ambiguous arrival of an anonymous who will fulfill the warranty I elected to purchase on a couch because I knew Ben would eventually take a marker to it like an impassioned artist choosing a new medium.


2 thoughts on “March 26, 2016 – Waiting

  1. I hope by now that he’s arrived & the couch is “fixed” & you are off to better places. I had no idea that one could purchase a warranty on a couch. I have made my own marker mistakes on mine. Sharpie won’t come off leather!

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  2. Nice slice on a small moment. I’m sure that four hour window felt like an eternity, when your choices to keep occupied are limited. Hope the couch is looking like new!

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