March 7th, 2017 – Cue the Fanfare

I open the door as the sights and sounds of people busy at springtime play.  Peels of laughter and yelps of alarm mix in a symphonic cacophony amid a flury of activity before me.  I carefully find my way through the teeming crowd, dodging kamikazes and avoiding aimless wanderers who are searching for their ride home.  Some spin in abandonment, others are engrossed in all important debate and still others are playing a sly game of puppy love.  My tired eyes scan the crowd for his cherubic face or trademark awkward gate. I lock on to what I think might be him but as the red jacket swirls to reveal a much different countenance, I resume my single minded scan.  

It’s not me who spots him but instead I become the target.  Out of the corner of my eye I spy a bounding figure.  Head thrown back and a grin that spreads not only from ear to ear but across his entire beautiful face.  

Now cue the fanfare….Something like “Chariots of Fire” (for you youngins….Google it) or something like that.  No.  No, exactly like that.  

He has split from his buddies and begins to sprint pell-mell towards me.  His legs propelling him so quickly and his center of balance so off-kilter that a fall to the face seems to hang upon each stride landing perfectly. 

My very being cannot help but melt.  This is love unconditional.  This is a wholeness that only the great spiritualists have been able to capture.  This is the Holy Trinity, Nirvana, Eden and Elysian Fields all rollled into a microscopic moment on Earth. My absolute favorite moment of the day.

Then I hear it.  The perfect coda to this composition:”Daaaaaaaddddyyy!” soars his voice, slicing through the din.

I kneel down and his body explodes into mine throwing me back.  I wrap my arms around and lift him into the air. 

I love picking up my son from school.  


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