March 11th, 2017 – Daylight Savings Time

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I will spare you all the op-eds about the out-dated necessity of daylight savings time.  I could even go on about the negative health effects or how lobbyists from big business keep ensuring that it is part of our law.  But I’ll let a Google search handle that one.  I’m from Indiana, and while I was from the tiny, little northwest corner that did, in fact,  follow daylight savings, I was always jealous but proud of my fellow Hoosiers who did not.

I had plans to write big today.  I really did.  But as tends to happen from time to time, I came to this final hour of my day with a brain that did not want to muster Related imagewords; let alone sling them together for the story I wanted to write (Angie’s Candies, Part 2).

No.  I will leave that until the morning.  For tonight, I will take back what the law wants to take away from me.  I will claim my birthright, my inheritance, my rightful share and I will go to sleep an hour early.  Ha!  That will show them.  That will show that they may take my time, but they will never take my sleep-dom.

….yeah, it’s probably for the best.  I mean,  did I really just attempt a Braveheart quote pun?  About Daylight Savings Time?  Whew, you’re welcome world…I’m out of here.


4 thoughts on “March 11th, 2017 – Daylight Savings Time

  1. I will take the same stand of resistance as you. I have already changed the clocks and will go to bed one hour earlier than normal. When I wake up, I can pretend it was a bad dream.

    The Braveheart quote think wasn’t that bad. I imagined it with a nice brogue and it works.


  2. I grew up near Indiana’s western border (on the Illinois side) and for half the year we shared the same time and the other, you guys were always off an hour! Loved your post. Brought back memories.


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