March 19th, 2017 – Priorities

I could have cleaned more tonight.  I could have ironed my shirts, straightened the towels, wiped down the nooks and crannies, organized the mounting pile of papers.  I could have.  But that’s not what I did.  It may seem foolish, immature or even impulsive, but tonight, instead of all those could-haves, should-haves and would-haves, I read.  I read and read and read until I finished my book.  I should have known it would happen.  I was there, right there at the tippy-top of the rising action, just moments away from the climax that would bring to me the most hidden of messages contained in its catacombs.  So I gave in.  I opened to that bookmarked page, reread the last paragraph, then dove in, nose first.

I could have done so much tonight.  So many adult things to do.  But I didn’t.  I will do them tomorrow.  Tonight I did exactly what my soul needed.


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