March 29th, 2017 – Early Morning Riser

Almost all of my posts this month have been at night, and they have been later at night.  But I’m not a night owl.  Not by any means. I am a morning riser, an early bird.  I savor the quiet moments when the world is still asleep but the morning star is about to rise.  I have a simple ritual to my day.  I make my coffee (it’s own little ritual as well), read and then write.  I don’t write for the Slice of Life Challenge in the morning.  No, I write for myself.  Maybe its a journal maybe its a writer’s notebook, I don’t know, and really it doesn’t matter.  I write whatever it is that comes to my mind.  I must do all this, coffee, read, write, before I start my day.  Its a way to let the new day slowly infuse with me, like tea in hot water…though I don’t know if I’m the tea or hot water.

I’ve seen both sides of the early morning hours.  In my early twenties, I saw the early morning as a final destination, walking home from a night out with friends. We would marvel at the hush about us, the absolute calm.  In that quiet, we owned the world.  We were the wide-awake dreamers, the sun gatherers, the shadow catchers.  Now, in my mid-thirties, I see early morning as a genesis, the onset, not walking home, but waking it. I marvel at the peace and serenity that each new day brings.  In this quiet, I own the world.  I am the shepherd, the sentinel, the watchman.

The coffee is made; now it is time to read and write.  It is time to welcome the new possibilities in this tranquility.


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